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WHAT’S UP @ 6855 – April 20 to 26

A big THANK YOU to the Brother Knights who made the past highly eventful week roll ever so smoothly along:

Congratulations to our newly elected Executive! Thank you:

  • to Bro. Americo and Maria Silva for their hospitality on Rosary Night
  • to all the Bros. and families who were on hand to welcome Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
  • to all the Bros. who were at the Blood Donor Clinic, giving blood and attending to the donors
  • to Bro. Rick and Sis. Lyce Rozario for keeping our Knights and their wives on their twinkletoes
  • to our dedicated Pancake Breakfast and Blood Pressure clinic volunteers
  • to all those who stepped up to the pulpit for the Membership Blitz announcement and those who worked in the foyer and gym to sign up new members.

May the Lord bless all our efforts and help us reap the fruits for His greater glory!

Starting with our First Degree Exemplification on Monday… bring your candidates folks, call them up and offer them a ride so they feel welcome right away.  The Council is counting on every one of you to sign up one new member this year.  The more, the merrier.

We are still rounding up additional volunteers for the 104th Annual State Convention this week: setting up banners on Wednesday night and manning the Registration Desk Thursday thru Saturday.  And please know that all Knights are welcome to attend the business sessions, patronize the exhibits and booths, and join the daily corporate Mass.  Check out the schedule at this link.  A great opportunity to meet Knights from all over BC!  The theme this year:  But He said to them, “You give them something to eat”.

A good segue to asking everyone to give generously this coming Food Bank Sunday.  And don’t forget: we collect eyeglasses year-round for reuse in needy countries.  The dropbox is in the same spot as the Food Bank collection box in the foyer.

Save the date:  Family Camping Weekend is August 21-23 @ Lighthouse Marine Park in Point Roberts.

Have a blessed week!


April 20 Monday 7:15pm @ Room 1+2
First Degree Exemplification

April 21 Tuesday 7pm @ Room 4
Parish Council Meeting

April 22 Wednesday 7pm @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport
Banner Setup for State Convention

April 23 Thursday @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport
Fourth Degree Convention

April 24-26 Friday thru Sunday @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport
Third Degree Convention

April 26 Sunday
Food Bank Sunday (last Sunday of the month)


April 28 – Confirmation Mass @ St. Paul Church
May 1 – Sports Night @ Parish Centre Gym
May 4 – Executive Meeting
May 8 – Dancercise
May 10 – Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast
May 11 – General Meeting
May 12 – Family Rosary Night @ Ripplinger Residence RSVP 604-940-5355
May 14 – March for Life

The Four Tenors

..DSCN5083Fr. Peter Chiang, Fr. Anthony Ho, Fr. Paul Chu and Fr. Francis Phang belt out
Shine, Jesus, Shine at the Sing and Dine with the Knights fundraiser at Canadian Martyrs Church.  Good fun, great food!

Membership Blitz

DSCN5049A great start to our Membership Blitz today, thanks to Bro. Dominic Fiore.  To be continued tomorrow.  Hope to see you all at the foyer / Pancake Breakfast with some Form 100s in hand…DSCN5056

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

DSCN5034Thank you, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, for coming to visit our Parish and praying with us.  May you call upon your Son’s Easter blessings upon us all!


…to our newly elected Executive for Columbian Year 2015-2016, and thanks to everyone who came out to vote.

May the Good Lord inspire and empower you to mobilize our Council’s strengths for the good of our Parish and community!

Vivat Jesus!

WHAT’S UP @ 6855 – April 13 to 19

Worthy Brothers All,

Just typing the schedule for this coming week is exhausting. Much going on this week as you can see below, but let me emphasize the following extra-special events:

Election time! Please be at our General Meeting this Monday and vote for those men who will lead our Council in the next Columbian Year.

Wednesday, we welcome a very important guest to our Parish: the pilgrim icon of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. The Marian Hour of Prayer starts at 7pm sharp. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can give her the welcome she deserves. You can read more about this program here.

MEMBERSHIP BLITZ – Can I capitalize that any further?! Thank you to the Brother Knights who will be stepping up to the pulpit to speak about our Order at each of the weekend Masses, and to Bro. Felix Tan for coordinating this effort. LET US ALL respond in matching generosity by hanging around in the foyer after the Mass we attend to help answer questions and to spot that one man or two whom we can sign up. Wear your badges, folks! If you’re hungry, then you can do it at the Pancake Breakfast. Let us all be able to say at the end of the Columbian year: yes, I recruited one new member to our Order this year! And they can be exemplified the Monday right after. Who knows? If we all do our part, we can double our membership just like that!

Finally, I have uploaded the Template for this January to March Activity Report. Please record all your Church, Council, etc. volunteer hours and send it back to me right away so I can summarize it for our Council’s report to the State due this April 15.

A busy week ahead, Brothers! Fortunately, it is a happy mix of prayer and action. May our prayers enlighten and empower our actions. God is good!


April 13 Monday 7:30pm @ Room 1
General Meeting and Council Elections

April 14 Tuesday 8pm @ Silva Residence RSVP 604-278-8031
Family Rosary Night

April 15 Wednesday 7pm @ St. Paul Church
Marian Hour of Prayer

April 16 Thursday 7:30pm @ St. Joseph the Worker Parish Centre
Fourth Degree General Meeting

April 17 Friday 1pm-8pm @ Parish Centre Gym
Canadian Blood Services Blood Donor Clinic

April 17 Friday 8pm @ Parish Centre Room 1+2

April 18 Saturday 4pm @ Parish Centre
Setup for Pancake Breakfast

April 18-19 Saturday-Sunday after all Masses @ St. Paul Church
Membership Blitz

April 19 Sunday @ Parish Centre
Pancake Breakfast and Blood Pressure Check and Membership Blitz


April 20 – First Degree Exemplification
April 22 – Setup for State Convention
April 23 – Fourth Degree Convention @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport
April 23-24 – Third Degree Convention @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport
April 24 – Food Bank Sunday
April 26 – Confirmation Mass @ St. Paul Church

WHAT’S UP @ 6855 – April 6 to 12

Worthy Brothers All,

Christ is risen, Alleluia!

We are an Easter people, and we rise once again to the challenges and work ahead after the Holy Week respite, Brothers.

Calling on all Executives to come to our crucial meeting this Monday night to prepare for our Council elections, Membership Blitz, Marian Hour of Prayer, State Convention, Golf Tournament, … and many more.

The pilgrim icon of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception has crossed over into District 23, with stops at St. Monica Church and Canadian Martyrs Church before we become her host on April 15.

In preparation for our Membership Blitz on the weekend of April 18/19, I ask each of you to think of that one person (or two) who could benefit from being a Knight.  Is it a recent retiree who still has much more to give and is looking to give back in service?  Is it a young father whose family can benefit from one of the best insurance programs in North America?  How about someone like you or me who believes in the power of oneness to mobilize the great force for good that a Council of Catholic men can be?  Get those Form-100s ready so we can sign them up.

If you would like to be part of March for Life in Victoria, BC this May 14, let me know right away so we can coordinate the transportation.

And I have tickets to Canadian Martyrs Council’s Sing and Dine with the Knights (fine dining + karaoke) fundraiser for charity on April 18.  $38 per person.  Contact me if interested.

Let us draw deeply from the fountain of God’s mercy during the Hour of Divine Mercy next Sunday at St. Paul Church.


April 6 Monday 7:30pm @ Room 4
Executive Meeting

April 8 Wednesday TBC @ Canadian Martyrs Church
Marian Hour of Prayer

April 11 Saturday 7:30pm @ St. Monica Church
St. Monica Council Retreat with Sr. Josephine de Leon, OSA

April 12 Sunday 2:45pm @ St. Paul Church
Divine Mercy Devotion


April 13 – General Meeting + Election of Officers
April 14 – Family Rosary Night at Silva Residence RSVP 604-278-8031
April 15 – Marian Hour of Prayer @ St. Paul Church
April 16 – Fourth Degree General Meeting
April 17 – Dancercise
April 18 – Pancake Breakfast Setup
April 18/19 – Membership Blitz
April 19 – Pancake Breakfast and Blood Pressure Check
April 20 – First Degree Exemplification
April 22 – Setup for State Convention
April 23 – Fourth Degree Convention @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport
April 23-24 – Third Degree Convention @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport
April 24 – Food Bank Sunday
April 26 – Confirmation Mass @ St. Paul Church