WHAT’S UP @ 6855 – March 2 to 8

I was happy to see many Brother Knights at the Parish Mission.  Fr. Larre is a prophet for our times.  May we take his words to heart, to our homes and beyond.  We are all called to be missionaries!

March 8 is a very important day:  40 Days for Life prayer vigil by St. Paul Parish.  Let us bring a very strong presence as a prayerful witness in the public square.  If you have not signed up for your hour, please do it now:  tinyurl.com/stpaul-40days  There are many more hours that need a second person.

Executives, we need all of you present at the meeting this Monday as we round out our slate for next election.

Everyone, step forward or send me your nominations.  Any Third Degree or higher Knight is qualified to serve.

Our Dancercise session this Friday will be the only one for this month till the next one on April 17.  Take advantage, folks!

Have a blessed week!


March 2 Monday 8pm at Parish Centre Room 4
Executive Meeting

March 6 Friday 8:15pm at Parish Centre Room 1+2

March 8 Sunday 7am to 7pm at Heather and 29th Avenue
               12am to 7am and 7pm to midnight at St. Paul Adoration Chapel
40 Days for Life

March 9 – General Meeting
March 10 – Rosary Night @ Pimentel Residence RSVP 604-277-2032
March 14 – Pancake Breakfast Setup
March 15 – Pancake Breakfast & SARAH Blood Pressure Clinic
March 23 – First Degree Exemplification

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