Wheelchairs for People in Need Right Here in BC

From our Worthy State Deputy Ed Shawchuk:


Click here for detailed description

Currently Knights of Columbus BC has a number of containers of wheelchairs sponsored with the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation and the plans for them are:

  • One container will be distributed in Vietnam (the Knights who funded this container asked that it be distributed in Vietnam) –date to be determined
  • One container will be distributed in Ukraine in May of 2015
  • One container will be distributed in Philippines – date to be determined (likely fall of 2015)
  • One half container will be distributed in Cuba – date to be determined
  • One half container will be distributed in British Columbia

With the firm belief that charity begins at home, we have successfully negotiated with the Wheelchair Foundation to have wheelchairs made available for distribution here.  There are some conditions:

  1. The recipient cannot get a wheelchair through another program or cannot afford to purchase one themselves.
  2. The wheelchair must go directly from us to an individual – you cannot request a wheelchair for a group home or for the parish to use for various individuals or to a local charity agency for them to distribute.
  3. The wheelchair must be delivered to the recipient by at least two Council members and they must verify to the Wheelchair Foundation and the State Deputy the date of delivery and the name of the recipient.

I would ask each of you to make this information known to your Councils and please get back to me to let me know that this has been accomplished. The expectation is that our Councils will either know somebody who needs a wheelchair or they will reach out to local agencies to identify a person in the community that needs a wheelchair.

Currently in inventory for distribution in BC we have the following sizes:  (size of the wheelchair refers to the width of the seat)

  • 20” Wheelchair – Solid Mountain Bike Tire (quantity 15)
  • 20” Wheelchair – Mountain Bike Tire (quantity 6)
  • 20” Wheelchair – Solid Tire (quantity 7)
  • 18” Wheelchair – Solid Tire (quantity 22)
  • 16” Wheelchair – Solid Tire (quantity 4)
  • 14” Wheelchair – Solid Tire (quantity 1)

Total quantity at present is 55.  As we deplete this quantity, the Wheelchair Foundation will replenish the stock and we will continue until we have distributed all 140 wheelchairs in BC.

If you know someone who could use one of these wheelchairs and satisfies the conditions above, contact kofc6855 at gmail dot com.

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