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Wheelchairs for People in Need Right Here in BC

From our Worthy State Deputy Ed Shawchuk:


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Currently Knights of Columbus BC has a number of containers of wheelchairs sponsored with the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation and the plans for them are:

  • One container will be distributed in Vietnam (the Knights who funded this container asked that it be distributed in Vietnam) –date to be determined
  • One container will be distributed in Ukraine in May of 2015
  • One container will be distributed in Philippines – date to be determined (likely fall of 2015)
  • One half container will be distributed in Cuba – date to be determined
  • One half container will be distributed in British Columbia

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WHAT’S UP @ 6855 – January 26 to February 1

Last Saturday, we advanced 11 Knights to the 3rd Degree, four of them from our Council.  Several State Council Officers were present, including Worthy State Deputy Ed Shawchuk.  Thank you to everyone who made this happen and congratulations to our Council’s newest 3rd Degree Knights:

  • Sundy Arca
  • Marc Folefac
  • Thomas Heeney
  • Kevin Sones

It was a memorable ceremony, even for us old-timers who were afforded the chance to once again reflect on the meaning of Knighthood and how well we have lived up to the principles of charity, unity and fraternity.   (Photo Gallery)

This Monday, we all have the opportunity to offer the blessings of Knighthood to a friend or family member who is a practicing Catholic age 18 and up.  Bring them to the 1st Degree Exemplification at 7:15pm in the Parish Centre.

Come and cheer on our youth at the Free Throw Championship this Saturday, in between spending an hour of Adoration at the Chapel where we pray for this month’s Day of Prayer intention:  Let us pray for all those who hold positions of power, that they may have the moral courage to speak up and enact laws to protect all human life, especially at its most vulnerable stages.

Finally, make good on those New Year resolutions and join Sis. Lyce and Bro. Rick for Dancercise on Friday!

A blessed week to you all.


January 26 Monday 7:15pm @ St. Paul Rooms 1+2 Parish Centre
1st Degree Exemplification

January 30 Friday 8:00pm @ St. Paul Rooms 1+2 Parish Centre

January 31 Saturday Midnight to Midnight @ St. Paul Adoration Chapel
Day of Prayer

January 31 Saturday 10am to 3pm @ St. Paul Gym
Free Throw Championship

January 31 Saturday 6:30pm @ St. Francis Xavier Parish
Charity Appeal Main Draw


February 2 – Executive Meeting
February 3 – JC Golf Committee Kick-off Meeting
February 5 – 4th Degree Executive Meeting
February 6 – Dancercise
February 10 – Rosary Night @ Rodriguez Residence
February 15 – Pancake Breakfast and Blood Pressure Check
February 16 – General Meeting
February 17 – Educational Seminar

“We have nothing less than a moral obligation to offer every eligible Catholic man the opportunity and the privilege of membership in our Order.” – Supreme Knight Carl Anderson


Nine Years…

We heard you:

Nine years’ worth of newsletters uploaded!  Check it out here for a trip down memory lane.

Look up the password in your email of last Sunday’s What’s Up @ 6855 bulletin — January 19 to 25 edition.

Thanks to Bro. Scott Heathe for archiving this treasure chest of memories and making them available!


Your Feedback Please

Brother Knights, this is your website.  Let us know how we can make it more responsive to your needs.

Leave a comment at the link below or email kofc6855 at gmail dot com.

Charity Appeal Deadline

…is also this Saturday, January 24.

Please call Chancellor Bro. Jack Coursol on his cell phone 604-725-2224 to make sure your sold tickets make it to the Main Draw.SOBC_full_colour

We are still lagging behind our record of over 400 books sold, so give it your best shot in these final days.  Cropped-RFBS-Logo-231x300

Proceeds flow to our charitable giving — Richmond Food Bank, Special Olympics, VANSPEC, scholarship bursaries, …

Calling All Second Degree Knights…

kofclogoStep up to the 3rd Degree this Saturday, January 24th at 10am – 12noon at St. Paul Parish Centre.  This step advances you to full membership in the Knights of Columbus, embracing the third of our founding principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

Proposers, your continued guidance of Brother Knights from recruitment to full membership is an essential service to the good of the Order.

Email kofc6855 at gmail dot com  so we can prepare the necessary documents for the candidates.  Vivat Jesus!

WHAT’S UP @ 6855 – January 19 to 25

Thank you to all the Brother Knights and wives who made the events of the past week happen—Pancake Breakfast, Blood Pressure Check, Family Rosary Night, Dancercise…  And thank you to the following Brothers who stepped up to fill the vacancies in our Executive during the General Meeting:

  • Philip Barnwell as Deputy Grand Knight
  • Raimund Holzbauer as Inside Guard 1
  • Sundy Arca as Inside Guard 3
  • Felix Tan as Outside Guard 1
  • Raphael Teotico as Outside Guard 3.

We look forward to having a better handle on things now that we have a full slate of officers.

A busy week makes way for a relatively quiet but very important one:

This Saturday is a red-letter day for the 3rd Degree Exemplification.  All 2nd Degree Knights should make time to attend. This is the step that advances you from being a MEMBER of Knights of Columbus to being a KNIGHT of Columbus.

This is the final week for selling Charity Appeal tickets.  Please give it your best effort as the proceeds of the Appeal benefit several charitable causes including Special Olympics, Food Bank, our scholarship bursaries, LifeTeen, VANSPEC, etc.  Sold tickets must be submitted by this Saturday January 24 to Bro. Jack Coursol (604-725-2224) in order to be entered into the Main Draw on January 31st.

Sign up your kids and their friends age 9 to 14 for the Free Throw Championship on January 31st 10am.  Contact Bro. Felix Tan (604-782-7023) or Raphael Teotico (778-708-8767).

Finally, we have a new website!  Check out our new look at  We hope this new platform will allow us a more dynamic web presence that we can jointly maintain and update on a daily basis.  Please note:  we’re still working on uploading the photo galleries and newsletter archives.  We intend to keep those content private by putting a password on those sections of the site.  In order to gain access to those pages, please type the password:

***** (hidden, check your email!)



January 24 Saturday 10am-12noon @ St. Paul Rooms 4+6 Parish Centre
3rd Degree Exemplification

January 24 Saturday (contact Jack Coursol 604-270-6127)
Deadline for Charity Appeal Main Draw

January 25 Sunday
Food Bank Sunday


January 26 – 1st Degree Exemplification
January 30 – Dancercise
January 31 – Day of Prayer; Free Throw Competition; Charity Appeal Main Draw

Be servants of communion and of the culture of encounter! I would like you to be almost obsessed about this. Be so without being presumptuous, imposing “our truths,” but rather be guided by the humble yet joyful certainty of those who have been found, touched and transformed by the Truth who is Christ, ever to be proclaimed. – Pope Francis

Working hard…

… to get our new website up and ready for launching.

Missed you at the Dancercise tonight

Is everyone glued to their TV sets watching Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines?

Okay, but we hope to see you at the next Dancercise class on January 30th. C’mon, let’s work on those New Year’s resolutions to get in shape!

Bro. Leo Carrier

Please make time to attend the Funeral Mass of our fallen Brother Leo Carrier at 10am Friday January 16 at St. Paul Church.

Bro. Leo joined the Knights in 1991.  He and his wife Margaret served the Council and Parish with great devotion for many, many years and were recognized as Family of the Year for 2000-2001, among other distinctions.Family_of_the_Year_2000

Let’s give him a warm sendoff that he may also take our Council’s prayers with him and commend them to God.